Mission Statement:

Hummelstown Physical Therapy, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality physical therapy services to the members of the community by providing patient focused care with emphasis on personal attention and one-on-one treatment in a comfortable, personal and encouraging environment.  Our goal is to assist and educate our patients in living healthy, active lifestyles free from pain or physical limitation through exemplary physical therapy care.  

Vision Statement:

Our vision and expectation is for Hummelstown Physical Therapy, LLC to be recognized as a leader in physical therapy care in Dauphin County by providing evidence based practice, the most extensive scope of care, and the most one-on-one treatment found anywhere.  We will be the provider of choice for patients and providers in the area by ensuring a patient centered model.  

Why Choose HPT?

  • One-on-one treatment:  Every patient performs all of their exercises with the PT by their side.  You will not only feel like you are the only patient at that time, you WILL be!!!
  • Individually, locally owned/operated:  Being owned and operated by a local therapist means that all of the attention is focused on the patients here and on this clinic.  The lack of a large corporate structure allows the treatments to be more individualized and the care to be more personal.
  • Comfortable environment:  providing the highest quality care requires an in depth understanding of the individual being treated.  Our clinic offers a non threatening atmosphere with a truly homelike feel.
  • Diversity of care:  Where many clinics focus on only orthopedics, Hummelstown Physical Therapy continues to many other areas as well.  Not only do we excel in the treatment of orthopedic injury and rehabilitation, but we also provide excellent care for those suffering from vestibular/balance issues, neurological disorders, and much more.
  • Location, location, location!: located at 234 w. main street, we are in the heart of Hummelstown with easy access to all major routes.